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Hello, I'm Christine!

Welcome to Art for your Cart!!!


I began my illustration career in Tasmania, Australia and Perth in Western Australia as a fashion illustrator, working mainly on newspaper advertisements and graphic design.

I studied with the renowned artist, Arne Brewster whose work I really admire and I held three successful exhibitions of my paintings, which were predominantly Tasmanian colonial buildings and landscapes, rendered in oil and watercolour. I have also painted numerous portraits during my life.

I worked for many Companies, including International and local hotels, Sign Companies, The National Trust and many more.

I also produced my own sets of prints of Tasmanian colonial buildings which still sell today.

In the 1990s I completed an intensive course in Faux Finishing for walls and became a well-known Interior Designer and specialist in painted finishes in Tasmania and then in Brisbane, Queensland Australia, where I now reside. I have decorated many commercial and residential buildings over many years and have always sought to incorporate my artwork. My work has been featured in several National and International Lifestyle and Decorating magazines.

I have travelled extensively throughout the world, over many years and am always on the lookout for inspiration and new ideas wherever I go.

Our first Collection of prints is just a beginning and a journey which will continue ….

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